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Exhibit Layouts for 2015 are still available until the 2016 layouts are available

Here is a map of the Sinclair campus and location of the exhibits. The exhibit listings are here to help plan your visit.

Place your cursor on the building and click to see the exhibit layouts.
  2015 exhibit listings by organization
2015 exhibit listings by location

Building 12

Download the Sinclair map.
There were no exhibits in Building 13 for 2015, but there was a CNC machine tool exhibit in Bldg. 11. The new Sinclair Unmanned Aircraft Systems facility will be available in Bldg. 13 for 2016.

Speaker program for 2015 is here until 2016 is available

Click for the 2015 speaker schedule.

How That "Stuff" Was Used In Aviation:
Monday, February 15th

After spending a day or two at TechFestTM having FAMILY FUN with hands-on exhibits where you can learn FUNdamental science, technology, engineering and math, spend President's Day exploring how that “stuff” was used in aviation. We know some great locations to help plan your day. Read More

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