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  2015 brings the 13th Year of TechFest

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Welcome to TechFestTM

TechFestTM is free family fun with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Participate in approximately 70 hands-on experiences with STEM exhibits, demonstrations and games. Stage and theatre speakers, such as an NASA astronaut or an Air Force flight test pilot, an outstanding college professor, a classical guitar player and others deliver entertaining and informative talks on STEM topics. Sponsored by the Affiliate Societies Council of Dayton, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

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When is TechFestTM?

TechFestTM is always held on Presidents' Day weekend,
which, for 2015, will be

Saturday, February 14 from 10 AM - 6 PM
& Sunday, February 15 from 11 AM - 5 PM

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The TechFest pages have been updated to 2015.
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Click the link below for the summary report.
TechFestTM 2014 was successful.

TechFestTM 2014 Summary Report

See descriptions and reports on last year's TechFest 2013 below:

TechFest 2013 Fact Sheet

TechFest 2013 Wrap-up Visual Presentation

Where is TechFestTM?

TechFestTM is held at Sinclair Community College in the David Ponitz Center, (Building 12).

The GPS address for the David Ponitz Center (Building 12) is
301 West Fourth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402.

Parking can be found close to Building 12. Please seeour map for more details. We also have guest information for your use.

Who created and does TechFestTM?

TechFestTM was conceived and organized by the Affiliate Societies Council of Dayton who presented the first TechFest program in 2003 as part of the celebration of the first successful manned, heavier-than-air flight by the Wright brothers. The program is carried out entirely by volunteers and is funded by the generosity of oursponsors

Weather Updates For TechFestTM

TechFest works through the Sinclair Conference Center and is not connected to the academic side of Sinclair Community College. Sinclair Community College can close, but the Conference Center (David Ponitz Center, Building 12) and Building 13 will remain open unless there is a Level 3 Emergency or loss of utilities.

Honorary Chair

The Honorary Chair for TechFestTM 2014 was Dr. Thomas J Lasley II, Executive Director, Learn to Earn Dayton, The Dayton Foundation, and Professor and Past Dean of School of Education and Allied Professions, The University of Dayton, who offers this commentary: "Through TechFest students are exposed to the excitement of STEM learning, the opportunities to explore how STEM concepts shape and influence our lives, and the multiple life-long learning options associated with STEM careers. TechFest is exactly the type of student friendly event that will help young people explore their interests and enhance their understandings of the wonderful world of science and technology!"

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After spending a day or two at TechFestTM having FAMILY FUN with hands-on exhibits where you can learn FUNdamental science, technology, engineering and math, spend President's Day exploring how that “stuff” was used in aviation. We know some great locations to help plan your day.
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We hope you enjoy your visit!

Spend Saturday or Sunday at the Dayton/Miami Valley TechFestTM and the remainder of your time, including Monday, at the historic aviation sites: Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, Dayton History at Carillon Park, National Museum of the United States Air Force and the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

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